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Improve your mood, mindset and manifestations!


My Morning Magic journal is a 3 month journey with a collection of daily, weekly and monthly pages, prompts and activities that are based in neuroscience, mindfulness + high performance research that will have a positive impact on your day and life.

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My Morning Magic Journal has been thoughtfully and intentionally created to give you the opportunity to unlock the potential that each morning holds and create a more fulfilling, abundant and magical life...because you are so worthy.


The daily, weekly and monthly pages and prompts will not only make you feel better right away, but they also create fresh neural connections in your brain so you can begin thinking, feeling, speaking and behaving in a more confident and empowered way while attracting more magic and abundance into your life!  

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My Morning Magic Method consists of three categories; Get Still, Get Moving and Get Going.


Get Still focuses on mindful activities like meditation, journaling and gratitude that increase feelings of inner peace, self awareness and positivity.


Get Moving is all about physical and mental activity. From moving your body in a nourishing way to expanding and awakening your mind through activities like reading, audiobooks or podcasts. 


Get Going will set your day up with more clarity, focus and motivation. By writing out your daily success list, intentions and a mantra you will be more mindful of how you approach the rest of your day.


*sales are made through Lulu, a third party distributor, so you will be redirected to their site to purchase.

I highly recommend hardcover as it is much easier to write in. 


Paperback Journal

$22USD                    $28CAD


Hardcover Journal

$32USD                   $40CAD


For retail inquiries click the button below to email us directly.

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  • What is the best day to Start the journal?
    You can start it any day BUT, there are Weekly Review Pages every 7 days which would be ideal to complete on a Sunday. So, MONDAY WOULD BE BEST. Even if you don't start on a Monday you could always go back to the weekly review on Sunday.
  • Should I get paperback or hardcover?
    Hardcover is much easier to write in so that's what we recommend, but the choice is yours.
  • How long should I plan for my Morning Magic Routine?
    I would carve out a minimum 30 minutes, but 60 minutes is what you want to work towards. The writing portion of the daily pages can take as little as 10-15 minutes, and the rest of the time is determined by your meditation and movement portions.
  • How can I get the most out of my Morning Magic routine?
    No news, Social media, emails, TV.... just you and your sacred time. That should be a top non negotiable. Also you can maximize the magic by committing and saying YES to yourself daily. Consistency is key.
  • Is the journal for all genders?
    Absolutely! If you are a human being looking to improve your mood, mindset, and manifestations , this is the journal for you!
  • Does the journal ship outside of Canada?
    It sure does! So far we have tribe members in the U.S.A, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Greece and India...we would love for you to join that list ;)
  • How long does the journal usually take to ship?
    In Canada and the U.S, with the basic shipping option any where from 7-10 days. For Australia, Europe, Latin America and Global, 2-4 weeks depending.
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